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Admin Notes Plugin

Completely Revitalized Plugin.
What does it do?

Assist • Notify • Record

Editable dashboard widget allowing admins to add and save notes, information, or code snippets. Useful tool to assist in retaining editing reminders and samples for repurposing. Need to save a tag or shortcode for later reuse? This is the plugin for you! Admin Notes content available to all posts and pages in editing mode

Easy to use

Add a note and save. That's it! Simple, Easy and Effortless. Makes it ridiculously simple to keep information handy at all times for anyone.

Teaching Aid

Need to save a note for your client? Maybe a code slice they can use in their posts. Especially if they never seem to remember them.

Unique Uses

Establish a record of the settings for a particlar build. Keep track of color hex codes or extra numbers.
Just in case...

Why should I use it?

Plugin Benefits

Any form of note, comment or instruction saved in the dashboard interface will be available on ANY post in the editing mode. Can be viewed by status level. Information just for the subscriber, or for the admin only. This plugin is a great resource as a tool to assist in building great sites. Use it as a "Teaching/Learning" aide, for a new user.

What benefit is the Robab Admin Notes plugin to me?

Maybe you have a set of color options you use frequently and have to search for the correct color code ( unless you have saved them saved in a file somewhere ).
Maybe you've run into a situation where you need to save a shortcode for a client to use, and they never remember the correct way to input the string.
Maybe you wish to keep a record of changes, or "Notes to self", during a build for future purposes.
Maybe you are tired of the same telephone conversations dealing with the same issue. This is a good way to proactively "show me!" or remotely "teach" a client a repetitive task.
Think of how many times, especially if you develop a lot, the small things that get "lost" from build to build. Returning to a previous build to "change" some previous editing and what do you know... something got mislaid. Where was that? Can't seem to get the requirements to look or work just the same as before...
Been there - Done that...!   This was the reason to revitalize this incredibly useful plugin. Now there is a way to keep all that info from site to site intact, and ready in an instant. Add useful code snippets for your clients ( or yourself ) to use for future reference. The possibilities are endless!

Dashboard Widget

Add a note and save. That's it! Simple, Easy and Effortless. Makes it ridiculously simple to keep information handy at all times for anyone.

Widget Settings

Set the viewing priviledges. Set the colors for the display area. Makes it easier to read and recognize from the rest of the editing panes.

Display Properties

Viewable on all posts and pages. Copy directly from the window pane. return to the dashboard to enter and save any new data or information.



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